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Brother Alvin is an insightful, funny, motivational, multi-talented and multi-faceted rocker-preacher who is an absolute favorite among schools, companies, public institutions, and religious groups.

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Kwentong Himala sa Baha

Cagayan De Oro Flashflood Story Part 2
alvin barcelona m3sy mini talks

Happy New Year!

alvin barcelona m3sy mini talks

Happy Birthday Jesus!


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Let It Go!

Let It Go!

A lot of people like me. (My wife, my son, my daughter… and a few thousand Likes on FB.) But you know what? Some people (I hope not a lot) also don’t like me. In fact, I think some people really, really hate me. And they can be very rude and heartless. They can hurt...

What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why?

Notice that people are so preoccupied with the “What”. What to eat, what to wear, what course to take up, what business to put up, etc. That also includes the questions of Who, When, Where, and How. Who do I want to be with, when do I get married, where do I want to...

A Crazy, Dangerous Life

A Crazy, Dangerous Life

Can I share with you what kind of life I live? Better, can I share with you how I lived my life just this past week? Last Sunday, the 1st day of the week, I had a whole day shoot for an Indie Film. (Yes, I’m a movie actor now. Didn’t you just read the title above?...

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Himaya Music and Rockword Ministries/Productions

Noun | hee-ma-yah
Def. A Visayan / Cebuano word for PRAISE, GLORY or JOY

It is also how Alvin Barcelona calls his music and his band of professional musicians who have found God and offered their gifts and talents for His glory.

The Feast

“One of the happiest places on earth.” The Feast is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus family. Catch Bro. Alvin live every Sunday at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) at 1:15pm and 3:45pm.

Barcelona Academy

Founded on January 1, 2010. Fulfilling their mission of living life to the fullest in three campuses. LEARN LIFE HERE. “Be ALIVE! Be BLESSED! Be the BEST!

For inquiries, you may Call (044) 7111915

Special Programs

Exclusive motivational, inspirational, and educational courses and modules specially crafted by Alvin. Coming Soon!

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Receive my FREE Newsletter and Be Blessed.

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