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The Faucet Principle

Let me guess. You get your water from a faucet, right? When you turn the faucet on, water just flows continuously. That’s unless the faucet is cut off from the source - which means that the faucet itself doesn’t give water. It’s just an instrument for the water to...

Of Saints and Sinners

The Catholic Church believes that saints are ordinary and typical human beings who made it into heaven. In the broader sense, everyone who's now in heaven is technically a saint. (from Defining Saints in the Catholic Church) In our language today, being called “Santo”...

Of Hesitations and Holy Disturbances

You think the Story of Jonah and the Whale is just about, well, Jonah and the Whale? And that the only important issue here is whether he was really swallowed by a whale and stayed in its belly for three days? You’re in for a big surprise! Because like any other Bible...


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