Did the title shock you?

Did you quickly think, “This Preacher is really arrogant!” “Ang yabang!” “No humility at all!”

Some of you may even say, “Hey, I know this guy! He still has huge business loans and debts. How could he brag and lie through his teeth!”

And some religious people may even judge, “These kind of statements has no place in a spiritual environment!” “We should all be poor!”

And yet, I’ve heard and sang a hundred times – in religious and spiritual gatherings – that popular Christian classic worship song that boldly declares, “And now let the weak say I am strong, Let the poor say I Am Rich…”

So let me boldly proclaim to you why I AM RICH!

I have DEEP JOY in my heart.  I am HAPPY! I can smile and laugh a lot with my family and friends. I can speak and listen, sing and dance, walk and run, and celebrate life to the full!

I have PEACE – not because I don’t have problems – but despite my problems I feel much SERENITY inside.

I can be GENEROUS, not because I have so much to give, but because I choose to give and find much joy in giving – even when I myself am in need.

I have HOPE – the hope that keeps me waking up everyday with passion and purpose.

I have FAITH – believing that “Everything will work for the good….”

I have LOVE – so much love I receive and so much love I can give.

And I can just go on and on enumerating so many BLESSINGS that make me VERY, VERY RICH!

For above all, I Am Rich – “Because of what the Lord has done for me!”

Yes, I Am Rich – because I have a RICH FATHER IN HEAVEN!

Now tell me, “Are You Rich?”

“Mayroong Magandang Mangyayari Sa ‘Yo!”

Bro. Alvin Barcelona

Note: This article appears as a bulletin message of The FEAST Bay Area this Sunday for the talk series, MONEY PAKYAW.

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