Can I share with you what kind of life I live? Better, can I share with you how I lived my life just this past week?

Last Sunday, the 1st day of the week, I had a whole day shoot for an Indie Film. (Yes, I’m a movie actor now. Didn’t you just read the title above? Told you I’m crazy!) I was in a location shoot somewhere in the mountains of Pililia, Rizal early Sunday morning. And they shot my scenes 2:00am of Monday – on a very cold, dark, grassy edge of a high cliff overlooking a flowing river.

But that’s just the intro of the crazier and more dangerous part.

Straight from the whole day, early morning shoot, without sleep, I rushed to the airport to fly to Cagayan de Oro City! Yes, Cagayan de Oro City that was just submerged in flashfloods. And I was in the middle of it all – literally!

I was trapped inside a car with 4 other people. Floodwater was rising so fast from nowhere and was filling half of our car. Not enough, another pick-up vehicle was being washed away about to ram us against a solid wall!

I’ll stop there so that you’ll listen more to it in my talk (at The FEAST Bay Area PICC this Sunday or watch it on FB Live this Sunday). Just know that I’m now talking here of real life – not the movie shooting. And above all, know that I survived it all! In fact, I’m writing this in my hometown 2 hours away from the city but which isn’t safe at all. A few days ago warnings of evacuations were made here because muddy water from the mountains rushed down the town causing destruction in many places.

And I could still go on and on with this crazy, dangerous stories.

But the big question is WHY do I get myself into all these?

Answer: Because I want to ACT OUT my FAITH! I want to WALK my TALK!

The movie I got involved in is an advocacy film on education. More significantly, it’s about very poor children in Mindanao who get easily recruited to be armed rebels – child warriors as young as 10 to 12 forced to shoot guns but who all dreamed and tried to be in school.

And the reason why I was in Cagayan de Oro is to pay my last respects to my “Lola” who passed away. I was requested and needed to stay longer to give comfort to my huge clan who look up to me for their spiritual guide and encouragement.

Yes, I DO things so that I can PREACH them more. By God’s grace, I TALK the WALK – yes, in that order. Yes, I pray and preach a lot. But I believe I should also DO, ACT, and WORK a lot as well.

In Talk 3: IMPLEMENTATION, of our series BEST YEAR EVER, (at The FEAST Bay Area PICC this Sunday) we’ll learn that for our dreams to be fulfilled, we’ve got to get our hands dirty, literally soaking our feet – even our whole body – in heavy rains and flood water, if needed, to make things happen!

Crazy and dangerous! But I guarantee you it will be a life well lived!

“Mayroong Magandang Mangyayari Sa ‘Yo!”

Alvin Barcelona
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