A lot of people like me. (My wife, my son, my daughter… and a few thousand Likes on FB.)

But you know what? Some people (I hope not a lot) also don’t like me.

In fact, I think some people really, really hate me. And they can be very rude and heartless. They can hurt you with their words, with their backbiting and slandering, their judging and condemning. They can hurt you with their actions – or non-actions – such as being disrespectful, rebellious, or being so cold and apathetic.

But here’s what I importantly learned in life.

People can hurt you only if you allow them to.

In fact, many of your deepest hurts and pains are the ones you keep on repeating in your mind – rewinding those nasty words in your head, and replaying that feeling of heaviness in your heart over and over again.

I also discovered that people may not really want to intentionally hurt you. It’s your interpretations – or misinterpretations – of their words and actions that cause you pain.

So what did I learn about these hurts and pains?

“Let it go! Let it go!” (Yes, thanks to Elsa’s famous song.)

How do I let go?

Simple. I just focus on the 99.9% of people who like me (My wife, my son, my daughter…) over the .1% who don’t.

Above all, I remind myself of God’s BIG LOVE for me. And the hurts and pains suddenly become so small and insignificant.

*We’ll learn more of these amazing secrets in our new powerful series, HURT ATTACK – How to Heal Life’s Deepest Pains.

I pray and proclaim that in this series, You Will Be Restored and Healed!

As the Word of God says, “… I will restore you to health and heal your wounds”. (Jeremiah 30:17).

“Mayroong Magandang Mangyayari Sa ‘Yo!”

Alvin Barcelona

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