Last year was a breakthrough year for me. I’m sure it was for many of us too. In fact, it was a breakthrough year for the entire country, and the world.

National elections were held last year. The US has a new president too which we believe may affect us, and the world, in some ways.

A lot of “new things” have been happening. Again, we can choose to see these as a breakthrough – an opening, a laying down of foundations, a preparation for something great!

Changes, especially radical ones, are opportunities for us to respond to.

And that’s what NEW YEAR is all about. Welcoming CHANGES – using and turning these changes into something positive, something beneficial, something that will do more good to more people.

Breakthroughs and changes above all are opportunities to have faith in GOD.

GOD is and will always be in control!

In fact, we can start the year proclaiming VICTORY already!

1 Cor. 15: 57 reads, “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

That means from the very start of our dreaming, our planning, our envisioning, our working, our moving, our pursuing, our facing new challenges and trials, WE HAVE ALREADY WON! The Word of God says that. Hold on to it!

It’s like being so sure of the happy ending of a Disney movie. You just want to watch (or in your life, act out) how the victory will be achieved.

Today, WE PROCLAIM… We DECLARE… We BELIEVE… VICTORY is ours for 2017!


In this you put your full trust – because JESUS is WITH YOU!

And because when JESUS is going your way – “SOMETHING GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU!”

Happy New Year!

“Mayroong Magandang Mangyayari Sa ‘Yo!”

Alvin Barcelona
Today, WE PROCLAIM... We DECLARE... We BELIEVE... VICTORY is ours for 2017! #M3SY Click To Tweet

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